Major Organization Activities in 2014-2015
IEA EBC Annex 66. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory hosted the International

Author: Tsinghua University     Date: 2015/11/1

Technical Forum and First Experts Meeting of the Working Phase  

After highly successful preparation phase meetings in Hong Kong and Great Britain, the International Energy Agency/Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme (IEA EBC) Annex 66 formally met again on March 30, 31 and April 1 2015 at LBNL in Berkeley, CA, USA. The three-day event, included an International Technical Forum, a symposium that allowed leading researchers to present their latest work, followed by two-days of annex meetings to discuss research progress and plans.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) host of the International Technical Forum and Annex 66 meetings.

The International Technical Forum included a kick-off introduction by LBNL Staff Scientist, Richard Diamond and co-operating agents, Tianzhen Hong and Da Yan. A second annual Symposium on Occupant Behavior, (OB-15) is planned to take place in Germany in August of 2015 in conjunction with the Annex 66 Second Experts Meeting of Working Phase.

Following the International Technical Forum, 72 Annex 66 researchers, from 16 countries (i.e. the Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, China, UK, France, Italy, Canada, Austria, Portugal, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, and Brazil) met for an intensive two-day meeting. This was the first meeting in which all the subtask leaders were in attendance.

Group photo of Annex 66 members at the LBNL meeting


LBNL meeting host, Dr. Tianzhen Hong handing off the Annex 66 plaque to the next host, Dr. Andreas Wagner of KIT