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Geographic territory covered
  • PR. China Mainland
  • Hong Kong SAR of China
  • Macao SAR of China
  • Taiwan of China.
Goals and objectives

The following goals were identified at the inception of IBPSA-China in November 2005, which are consistent with the mission statement and objectives of the IBPSA Charter:

  • Work actively with IBPSA to promote collaborations and development in building simulation between China and foreign countries;
  • Identify problems within the built environment in China that may be solved by improved simulation tools and techniques;
  • Identify the performance characteristics of buildings in China on which simulation should be focused;
  • Identify building performance simulation research and development needs and transfer new developments to the user in the China building industry;
  • Promote standardization of the building simulation industry in China;
  • Inform and educate its members and the public regarding the value and the state-of-the-art of building performance simulation in China.